Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Gumpaste Iris Wedding Cake

A few months back, I met with a bride that wanted a very natural cake with ferns, fiddle heads, and irises. I had never made gum paste irises, so I started looking online. All of the so-called "irises" really looked nothing like the irises my bride wanted. I decided that my only recourse was to make my own. I got out my Nicholas Lodge DVD and started making notes. Several days later I had a bunch of the little suckers made up. I was pleased with the results!

We delivered this little beauty to the Black Bear Cove Resort in Benton, TN. The setting was very rustic and natural and the cake really fit in with the decor.


  1. Oooh so pretty! Those irises are just amazing.

  2. Gorgeous and this is my sorority's flower! DELTA PHI EPSILON

  3. I know this photo is not recent, but just found it for the first time. Your irises are lovely. Just the inspiration I needed to make one for a birthday cake for next week. The mom will be thrilled! Thank you.


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