Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Going Green with Wedding Cakes

In blog posts past, I have written about how much fresh flowers can affect the final vision of the cake.  So I decided to do a little "before and after" shot to show you what a huge impact they can have.  This could also serve as a example of how proper lighting can affect your pictures, but I digress (Grrrrr....).

The florals for this cake were provided by Helen Humphrey from Humphrey's Flowers.  She made the topper using two different types of orchids and fiddlehead ferns, which I just adore.  To put the fiddleheads in the cake, I simply snipped the ends and inserted a toothpick and then inserted the toothpick into the cake.

Our cranberry splash of color is just satin ribbon.  Remember my ribbon tip: wrap ribbon around a buttercream cake twice and it will keep the buttercream from seeping through and making the ribbon look greasy.


  1. Love the before and after - the florals are amazing. Sometimes they can be the wrong size - but it is perfect!

  2. Great tip on the ribbon - I never thought of that!

  3. The before and after pictures are great, thank you for sharing the tip about the ribbon.

  4. Thanks for visiting my site, love the cakes! I always just thought people put just flowers on their wedding cakes, but the ferns are a great addition!

  5. Thank you for the ribbon tip and the cake looks beautiful!

  6. Gorgeous! Love the two photos. Thanks for the ribbon tip.

  7. I love fresh flowers on a cake! Partly because they are beautiful and partly because the last time I tried to make sugar flowers I almost had a nervous breakdown!

  8. Gorgeous cakes. Very elegant. Creatively done. Thanks for sharing.
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