Friday, July 15, 2011

5 Tier Scroll Wedding Cake

How many different types of scrolls are there anyway?  These are kind of viney-esque.  Some are "C's", some are "S's", some are loose and some are tight.  I personally don't know of any official scroll style guide.  Would anyone like to make one?

This cake was smooth, straight, and yummy!  BUT it didn't really POP until the fresh flowers were put on by the florist.  It is really amazing to me how even a little bit of fresh or gumpaste flowers can really bring life to a cake.  If a cake is going to be all white (with no color or flowers) in my humble opinion it should be a very clean and modern design or have a lot of design going on. This type of cake pictured falls in between and just doesn't look finished.

It's like a nice outfit with no jewelry!   I wish we had the picture to show you, but we couldn't wait on the florist to install the flowers due to another delivery.  You can imagine it though!

Just in case you want to know, this was a 6/8/10/12/14" combo.  I rather do a 6/10/14" type combo but some brides really want extra height without adding extra servings.  Unfortunately, the center of gravity is way out of whack on something this tall and skinny.  I HIGHLY recommend running a wooden dowel (sharpen one end in a new pencil sharpener) through the entire cake before traveling.  We use one thick MDF board with a cake drum (around 5 pieces of cardboard thick) glued on top, then wrapped in cake foil.  The cardboard has to be on top so the when you push the dowel through ALL the layers it will lastly go into the cardboard for stabilization.  I always explain to the people cutting the cake that the top tier will need to be lifted straight up and off the dowel.  I know it's not as easy for them, but when I'm driving up a big mountain with a cake, it's going to get a rod!

Have a great weekend!

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