Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Happily Ever After Wedding Cake

I really liked doing this wedding cake.  The couple were fun and not afarid to bring some color to their otherwise traditional wedding cake.  Not only was the bow hot pink, but the inside of the cake was pink strawberry with hot pink cream cheese icing!

You can click on the cake for a larger picture, but the piping reads "And They Lived Happily Ever After".  What a great way to start your fairytale life!  To do the piping, I started by printing out the wording on paper with the printer's settings changed to "mirror image".  Then I used a #1 tip to pipe faintly over the wording onto a sheet of parchment paper using royal icing.  Once I finished piping, I carefully lifted the parchment paper, flipped it over, and placed it on my cake.  That gave me a nice outline that I used to pipe over again using royal icing.  Once the royal icing had dried I then went back and painted the words with Nu Silver.

There is one other thing I wanted mention, and it applies to all cakes.  If the bride has a topper she wants to use on her cake, make sure you at least see it before the wedding day.  This bride had a cute carriage topper, but it was on a large base.  It hung off the sides of the initial 5" top tier, and it didn't look right.  Luckily, I caught it in time to rebake the top as a 6" cake.  And Wilton cake toppers have a nasty habit of securing their toppers to the box with lots and lots of screws!! So make sure you always carry a screwdriver in your emergency kit!

Thank you all so much for stopping by and visiting my little blog.  I'll leave you with a little closer shot of that piping, just so you can see it better.



  1. Gorgeous!!! Good tip on the cake topper. I always ask for it in advance or any cake stands they want to use. But in case I don't get it, I will remember to have the screwdriver! Thanks

  2. Gorgeous piping!! Great tips!

  3. Gorgeous! That simple design has such impact - love it. (And thanks for the tip about the cake topper. New to wedding cakes so need all the advice I can get!)

  4. Wow! That wedding cake is really awesome. I so like it! The red ribbon on it is really perfect.

  5. Lovely Cake!!!

    I wants to eat it.....

    Nice layer styles.

  6. Lovely cake... happily ever after.. :) wondering what all flavors you have used in there..

    best wishes to the newly weds

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