Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Laptop Groom's Cake

This cake is a great example of how you can give your client's a 3D "looking" cake, but not blow their entire bridal budget on the groom's cake.  Our groom here was a big PC gamer, and his favorite game was Starcraft.  He also wanted his gaming laptop represented on the cake.  Here's a couple of ideas we incorporated to minimize the complexity, and thus the price.

Keep the 3D elements on a smaller scale.  On this cake, the majority of the cake is actually just a sheet cake, the laptop has just enough cake for the couple to cut into.  And the back of the laptop is just corrugated plastic coated in black gumpaste.  Since it was so light, we were able to use a small bent metal angle bracket to hold the laptop lid open.

Simplify decorations where possible.  We have no problems making individual keyboard keys for a laptop cake, but that gets pricey fast.  Printing out a keyboard on edible image paper not only looks great, but saves you decorating time, and your client money. On this cake, we used edible images for the keyboard, the laptop screen (logo), and the side decorations.

All of these concessions gave the couple the cake they wanted, while still keeping the price at an affordable level.  We delivered this to the Hunter Museum of Art in Chattanooga and it looked great.


  1. My goodness, incredible! The laptop seems with so much details that I would say it looks like a very expensive cake!
    You and Chad ( if he helped) did a great job.

  2. Is there any way to order this cake...?

    1. Hi Lizi! As long as you're in our delivery area, we can certainly design you a custom cake. Visit cupadeecakes.com for more info.

  3. How did you do the edible keyboard image? Did you take a photo of the keyboard? I have a friend that wants me to make such a cake.


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