Tuesday, March 19, 2013

This Ain't Your Mama's Wedding Show Booth

Chattanooga is not a very big "wedding market" according to The Knot and other big wedding sites.  We have to stuff ourselves into Knoxville, Nashville, or Atlanta and that just confuses our brides, especially when you consider each is over a 2-hour drive away!  Luckily, we have two big bridal shows in the spring and the 3rd annual "This Ain't Your Mama's Wedding Show."   We are trying to find some super awesome brides that want very cool cakes!  This is just what we needed!

Since we are looking outside the box, we wanted to try something different with our booth.  That darned Pinterest, it gets me in more trouble!  I found someone had made this type of ombre feather boa background and I had to make it!  I found a great website for cheap and great boas so give them a shot!  The boas already come with a loop on the end and we slid them over a thin clothesline type rope.  Then, I took a small piece of floral wire to bunch up a little of the boa to hide the loop that looked ugly.  We wanted to tie the backdrop to columns or something, but we were on a brick wall.  Even the biggest command adhesive hooks would not hold the weights of all the boas, so we had to buy a stand.  It came from Amazon.om and was only $65 and was called a Photography Backdrop Stand.   We used glitter scrapbook paper for the flags and black construction paper for the letters.  It was a lot easier to haul around than our big signs we normally used.  We really liked the "DIY" look and feel of it!

We also decided to add some rustic style flowers in mason jars and some offbeat flavors for sampling.  Our mango sample was SASSY with some cayenne and since it was St. Patrick's day we made Irish Car Bomb cake.  What is that you ask?  Guinness chocolate cakes, ganache with Jameson whiskey and icing made  with Bailey's Irish Cream.  YUM!

We are very proud to be a part of this show and to be a Chattanooga Wedding Cake vendor, small market or not!


  1. Very Pretty. Love the set-up. We put you on our important blogs we like.


  2. How beautiful! You are one of my favorite decorators because you obviously have talent but seem very kind too. Thanks for a great idea!


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