Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Wrigley Field Marquee Cake

I made this cake recently for our good friend John.  He is the host of our weekly trivia tournament, and an all-around super great guy. When we found out his birthday was coming up, one of the guys on another trivia team told us what a big fan John was of the Chicago Cubs.  Paul was the one that suggested the Wrigley Field marquee.  Chaddy and I aren't sports people at all, but once I saw the marquee, I knew we could knock it out of the park!  That's a sports saying, right?!? :-)

Chaddy went to work on the graphics, and determined really quickly that it would fit just right on a 12x18 cake.  He then cut the letters out with the Cricut, found a font and printed out the "LCD panel", and printed out a life-sized template.  I used the template to carve the top of the marquee, and to place the letters on the cake.  I extruded a small square rope for the edges of the marquee.  I made small pin holes in my template to help me place the letters and the lines.

After that, I thought the cake still needed a little something, so I put a small Cubs ribbon as a cake border (also an edible image).

And for the record, John was really stoked about his cake!


  1. Very cool cake! Very "striking"! :-)

  2. Well done!! I am sure he loved this cake.

    1. Thanks everyone! He really did like it, I think we really surprised him. I do so many wedding cakes these days that I rarely get to see that "initial view" reaction from the client.

  3. Well, I can say that the digital design of your cake is really looks an digital machine and it's hard to guess that it is a cake. Your friend will love it for sure.

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