Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Best Way to Sample at Bridal Shows

I posted a couple of weeks ago about my latest showing at the Chattanooga Bridal Show.  One of the comments on that post was about how I provide cake samples to the attendees of the bridal shows.

Now I've seen samples done several different ways.  The most common method I have seen is a sheet cake that is cut into small portions and handed out.  I don't like this method because not only is it messy, but it takes someone (maybe you) away from interacting with your customers.  There's not a lot of room in a 10 x 10 booth for employees - I would say no more than 3.  You don't want one of those people cutting cake.

 Then there's mini-cupcakes and cupcakes.  I have never tried mini cupcakes, just because I hate making them so much!! :-)  But I did try full-sized cupcakes at my first couple of bridal shows and it was a total disaster,  Some people thought it was too much cake and wouldn't even take a sample.  Some people were so enthralled by the cupcakes that they just wanted to know how many they could get and take home to kids, nieces, etc. And the people that did want cupcakes also wanted something to carry them in.  So I bought cups and lids.  That just increased my costs!

What I have found that works best for ME is using the Solo 2 ounce condiment cup with lid.  I will cut a small circle our of a sheet cake to fir in the cup and I still have room for icing and a filling, if necessary.  Then the lids go on.  I also put a small label on the lid with my business name, website, and phone number. The cup size offers the client a nice 2-bite sample; the lid allows the the client to pop it in their goodie bag to take home, and the label reminds them about who made that awesome cake later on.  The best part is that I make them up a couple of days before and just set them out in the booth.  They stack nicely and it allows people to take one and run if they want to.  And I'm available to talk flavors or otherwise discuss cake with my potential clients.

For those that have done bridal shows, how do you provide samples?


  1. Great idea! I'm doing a fair soon and was trying to figure out the best way to provide samples. Thanks for this idea!

  2. That's exactly the way I did it for my last show, per your instructions. I think it made things much easier but I never thought to apply a sticker! I kept trying to figure out cute ways to attach my cards but that was a pain! Thank you so much for your response!

    1. I use the Avery 8667 tiny address label. You get 80 labels per sheet and there's enough room for my logo, business name, and phone number. It's not as nice as a business card or brochure, but it fits on the lid! :-)

  3. Hey! Question.. you said put all the samples in a cup (with a lid) with is a GREAT idea.. but when you are at a show, how would u display how a decorated cupcake looks? and how they are displayed on a stand and/or table. You wouldn't put the containers there right?. How could you make it look appealing other than if you have a lookbook. Or would you still need extra cupcakes to fill a stand and table?

    1. Hi Cory! I actually stack the samples on a cupcake tree. I think I can get 3 high on my cupcake stand. As to how I would display decorated cupcakes... I don't do them anymore, but when I did I actually had styrofoam cupcake dummies that I decorated and put on a small stand. I still bring decorated dummy cakes, but I quit bringing the "look book" because it only filled my booth with lookers. No one could get in. Search my blog for "booth" as I have written about shows several times. Thanks for reading!! :-)


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