Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Mint Green and Lavender Wedding Cake

Last week you read about our Bender cake, well this is the wedding cake that went along with it.

I was so jazzed about the bride's choice of color's on this cake.  Our color palette here was a light mint green and lavender.

This was a great cake to remind me about how colors and icing can mess with you.  I had the perfect color of icing made up for the cake and even let the colored buttercream sit for a day for it to darken a tad.  Everything was just right... and then I iced the cake.  And the icing darkened... a lot actually.  I wound up giving the entire cake a heavy spray of pearl dust, which gave the cake a beautiful sheen and toned that color back down to where is should have been.

When will the Home Depot develop a color matching system for icing!?!

I did find another shot... thanks Jim!
Actually, one of the best features of this cake didn't make it into this photos, simply because they were made at the absolute zero hour.  I printed some dragonfly wings on wafer paper and used them to make little edible dragonflies.  They really were cute - if I get one of the shot s from the wedding, I'll come back and include it here.


  1. This is a beautiful buttercream cake, I love the pearl dust sheen and the flower colors.


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