Friday, February 5, 2010

Animal House!

Recently, I did a cute little cake for young James.  His Mom brought by his party invitations that had the cutest little jungle animals on them.  We used these invitations as inspiration.

Most of the cake is buttercream, but I molded the tiger, giraffe, and monkey out of fondant.

This time, we also made a smash cake.  For first birthdays, we actually sell quite a few of these.  Sometimes my clients get them before the birthday, to use as props for photographs.  Sometimes they just get them so that the birthday boy/girl can grab, smoosh, and rub it in their hair!  What about the other bakers out there... do you do a lot of smash cakes?


  1. Very cute! I've done quite a few smash cakes recently, they seem like lots of fun, I just do a little 4". Its especially useful with controlling allergens etc. I recently used the smash cake in the shape of a cupcake as a topper for a 2 tier cake, that went down very well!

  2. very cute cake! one bakery that i have previously worked for sold tons of smash cakes. honestly, i never knew that 'smash cake' was actually the literal term for it!

  3. Oh - how cute! I have only done a couple smash cakes. But I've been thinking that I want to find a baby food cake recipe - less sugar, butter, etc. if that exists....


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