Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hey Hey Hey... it's Fat Tuesday!

As if New Orleans didn't already have enough to celebrate with the Saints winning the Super Bowl, today is Mardi Gras!

Now, there aren't many Mardi Gras celebrations here in Georgia, and I would dare say there's not a lot of beads given out either, but I did have a customer that wanted to celebrate her Sweet Sixteen with a Mardi Gras inspired cake.

We decided to go with a tilty / wonky cake design, covered in fondant.  We decorated with fondant stripes, polka dots, ribbons, and even a bead border.  We even made the mask out of gumpaste!  Some feathers at the top and around the cake board added that little extra flair that the cake needed!

As always thanks for stopping by!


  1. Fabulous cake, I love the color conbination and the mask is awesome, is that gumpaste?

  2. LOVE the cupcakes. OMG- i want that madri gras cake. me and my husband are both from louisiana- he is from New Orleans and he begged me to make a king cake this week but i just didn't have time -nor do i know how! LOL! Yours looks divine and thanks for following me! I am returning the favor!

  3. Hey Kathia (Pink Little Cake)! Yes, I used a plastic mask as a mold, but it is gumpaste. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Wow - your cakes are fabulous!!!!



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