Friday, April 23, 2010

Acoustic Guitar Groom's Cake

I know you've all been waiting, so here's the groom's cake that we delivered to the Tennessee Aquarium last weekend!  The groom wanted a replica of a Martin Acoustic Guitar.

Chad got busy on the Interwebs and found the appropriate guitar graphic and enlarged it so that we would have a scale template to work from.

I carved the cake but I was initially stumped on how to handle the neck of the guitar without building an elaborate stand.  We finally decided to use black modeling chocolate to "hide" all of the cake that wasn't part of the neck.  You can see it in the picture below, I thought it made for a very realistic effect.

The couple were very against fondant, so only the top of the cake is fondant.  I airbrushed the buttercream sides with browns and blacks to give that dark wood-tone look.  I made the strings by extruding fondant through my clay gun, but I wasn't totally happy with how they turned out.  Next time, they would either be smaller, or I would maybe try to use floral wire or some other medium.

Well, there's more cakes to do that will have to be it for this time!  Check back on Tuesday to see what new cake adventures we have been up to!


  1. Wow, this is brilliant!!!

  2. It looks fantastic. I see what you mean with the strings but it looks great. Too pretty to eat.

  3. What a wonderful cake. The attention to detail is amazing. Cheers!

  4. what an incredible job!! I feel like i could pick it up and start are truly an artist!!

  5. WOW! Airbrushed on buttercream sides?! The sides look sooooo smooth and just like fondant! And the cake is amazing! Perfection!

  6. What a work of art! Truly fantastic!

  7. Wow i can't believe that is a cake! At first glance i thought that was a real guitar! Amazing job.

  8. I would LOVE to have this cake for my husband. This cake is superb!

  9. I wish I had seen this before I tried to execute my purple and pink guitar cake! I used a thickish floral wire for my strings and they wanted to bend in every direction other than where I needed them to go. I had to use more wire to pin down the strings so they traveled in "straight" lines.

    I much prefer your idea of using a clay gun. It gives the strings a softer look, but at least they're edible and seem to go where they are told:-)

  10. @CDR - I tried floral wire at first and I just wasn't happy with the results. The clay gun "strings" weren't super easy to work with, but I liked the look better than wire.

  11. Hi there, your guitar groom's cake inspired me to create my own cake for a friend of mine. We're having a Celebration of Life event for him and he's a huge music fan. I just love what you've done!

    I have an event planning website and I really like the layout of your blog. Is it a template that you used or did you custom design it yourself?

    My email address is if you are willing to pass on any information.



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