Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Rock City Daisy Wedding Cake

This little buttercream number took a drive up Lookout Mountain recently and settled in at the Rock City Pavilion.  It was out first trip there and it is a very nice venue.  Cheryl Hyland with Blissful Moments was the wedding coordinator and she had everything setup perfectly when we arrived.  That was a very good thing - it was hot as blazes and it was an outdoor wedding so we showed up moments before the guests arrived.

With the exception of quite a bit of piping, this was a simple but elegant wedding cake.  The florist left some Gerber daisies for me to place on the cake.  Once I had them on there, I thought that little splash of color really made the cake pop!

Everyone have a great week now, OK?  Let's meet back here on Friday for another installment!!


  1. This is sooo pretty! I love the way the ribbon color and flowers compliment each other. And I love how the colors pop against the clean-lined beautifully done white piping.

  2. I was a guest at this wedding, and this cake was amazing! I love how elegant but fun it is!

  3. troppo bella complimenti very beatiful i love the blu with yellow

  4. Congratulations, this cake looks soooo pretty!
    Very very beautiful.
    Kisses from Spain!

  5. That rock city daisy wedding cake is really beautiful. I so like it!


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