Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Walnut Hill Farm Monogram Wedding

I have been talking a lot the past couple of weeks about how important it is to us to get good photos of our cakes.  We setup our own photo booth, and have been experimenting with different backgrounds.  Why do we go to all this trouble?

Well, you just never know what the conditions will be like once you get the cake to the venue.  Sometimes, the DJs are still setting up the lighting.  Sometimes the house lights aren't on and the place is just too dark for good pictures.  Sometimes the cake gets put right in front of a huge window facing the sun and taking a good picture is impossible (especially for inexperienced amateur photographers).

But when we took this cake to Walnut Hill Farm, conditions were fairly optimal.  We had to used our external flash, but the picture here at the venue turned out really well.  The florist had left me some flowers, and I was able to use them to accent the cake.
You just never know where you're going to get your next great picture! 

Have a great week!  See ya back on Friday!


  1. Beautiful! And you are right about the lighting or room set-up conditions when you set up the cake. I also try to take different angles and views of the cake - thankful for digital cameras :-)

  2. @Shannon & @SweetEasCakes - Thanks!

    @Juanita - I know, thank goodness for digital cameras. I would be flat broke if I had to pay for film! We took almost 30 pictures of this cake, and we only had a few that we really liked.


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