Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Guinness Bottlecap Grooms Cake

I have been making some extremely "normal" cakes lately, especially groom's cakes.  With all of the awesome choices out there, couples keep going with plain chocolate with chocolate covered fruit or a Georgia or Tennessee theme.  I hate to blog about something that we are all tired of so at least we have one fairly cool cake for this week, but I can't promise what will come next! 

This grooms cake was a less expensive option for my couple than a bottle of Guinness.  Also, since it's got a low profile and minimum carving I was able to use my normal soft cake instead of pound cake (the bottle would have to be pound for strength).  I baked a 16" and 14" round dark chocolate cakes, filled them with Bailey's Irish Cream buttercream and crumb coated. I made a small cardboard template with a rounded end and just went around the cake and cut out the bottle cap indentions.  Super easy.  The hardest part was figuring out how many sections we were going to have and marking them.  Chaddy and his geometry skills were very helpful. 

I then covered in Elite Ivory fondant.  Have I mentioned lately how much I love Elite fondant for covering a cake?  It's so soft, never cracks, tastes yummy and I can roll it SO thin.  I am also using "The Mat" from Cal-Java for rolling out big pieces of fondant.  I don't have the room in my bakery for a fondant sheeter, so this mat system is perfect.  You can roll fondant, walk away from it for long periods of time and because it's covered it won't dry out.  It's a very inexpensive tool that I really do love!  But, it doesn't work well with Fonderific, go figure!  I decided to use my new fancy airbrush to do some highlights on the edges.  I used a gray after trying a few other colors. 

Lastly, but more importantly, Chad got the logo and using modeling chocolate and the Cricut Cake, he magically made me a logo!  Do you know how long that would have taken to do by hand?!  Much longer than I was getting paid for that's for sure!  I hope you like the cake and can make a differnt logo or size for an event in the future.  There's a lot of soda and beer fans out there, so this should be a pretty good generic cake design! 

Happy decorating! 


  1. If you turned this cake around it could double as a reeses peanut butter cup.

  2. Natalie - OMG! You are right; If I flipped it upside down it really would look like a Reeses cup! I'll keep that under my hat in case I ever get an order for one! Thanks to everyone for the great comments!!

  3. Love this cake...looks simple, but makes a HUGE statement. You see beer cakes all the time, but the bottle cap takes it to another level. At least for me.

    I just won The Mat at a cake show this weekend and can't wait to have a reason to use it.

    Oh yeah, the logo...perfect.

  4. What a fun cake! And I was also thinking about a Reese Peanut Butter cup or maybe I was just craving one :-)

  5. awesome!!!! now i want beer and a reese's peanut butter cup... shoot.

    fondant sheeters are crazy! it would be a dream to have a mini one that folds up... haha.


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