Friday, December 9, 2011

Wedding at Barnsley Gardens

We delivered this cake to Barnsley Gardens recently, and even though I'm not a huge fan of the turned stack square cakes, but this was was really pretty.

The standouts on this cake are the swirly border on the bottom and the gathered "fabric" fondant band around the top tier.

I have been to Cake Wrecks enough to know that any cake that contains decorations with a head and a trailing tail could be confused as something... unseemly and certainly un-wedding like.

So as soon as Chad arrived home from work I asked him to look in the cooler at this cake and tell me what he thought.  He looked at it and said it looked great.  He said my borders didn't look like little swimmers at all.  Whew!  Thank goodness!

Do you ever find yourself working on a cake and thinking about some of the Cake Wrecks style pitfalls you should avoid?


  1. Beatifulllllllllllll
    By Happy W E

  2. I love your cake! I think it looks very elegant, as always your buttercream work is flawless

  3. I didn't even realize this is a buttercream cake. So flawless... Amazing cake. Love how simple yet elegant it looks. I love all your work.. Your an inspiration.

  4. Jen, I really envy you with your professional skills at cake challenge is making an angry bird cake for my daughter's bday just before xmas!!


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