Friday, January 20, 2012

Alabama Crimson Tide Grooms Cake

When I meet with couples, there's always a period of time where we discuss the groom's interest and what he would like represented in his groom's cake.

Not always, but often, his interests will lead into sports, and sometimes, just sometimes, I can see a glint of horror in the bride's eyes.  Now I can't be certain, but I think it might be her fear of a tacky sports cake bringing down her otherwise elegant wedding.

Now that was not the case with this couple, but there's always tasteful ways to bring a groom's interests into his groom's cake.

Take this cake for example.  Our groom was a big Alabama fan, so we brought in some of the colors in the banding, and I printed a houndstooth pattern on edible image sheets to bring in that element.  The logos were also printed on edible images and were kept small and understated.  And we topped it off with mini Crimson Tide helmet.

By the way, I have entered my World of Warcraft Beer Stein cake into InkEdibles Edible image contest.  They are looking for a cake that makes the best use of their edible images.  Right now, there's a Hello Kitty cake that's really kicking my butt!  I would appreciate your vote -  just click this link and then click "Like" next to my stein cake.  It uses Facebook so there's no registration or hassle.  Thanks! Y'all have a great weekend!


  1. Great cake, did you make the helmet also? I will vote for you for sure. I hope you win.

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