Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Chuck Taylor Converse Shoes Grooms Cake

I made these shoe cakes for Matt and Nikki, a very happy couple in Dalton, GA this past weekend.   The shoes were important, because the bridal party wore custom made Converses, so they had to match.  The reception was at Stage 123, which is an extension of RockBridge Church.  It was our first trip to this venue and it was really, really nice. 

These shoes were pretty big, each one was about 16 inches long.  I posted this cake to Cake Central yesterday, and folks there had on main question:  "How did you do the stitching?"  I tried several techniques that I was unhappy with, so I thought I would share what worked well for me.

I started by taking out my quilting embosser and used it, along with a ruler to make straight stitching lines, making sure I used enough pressure to make the stitches a little deeper than normal.  Then I mixed up some white petal dust along with some PGA.  Next, I worked in small swatches (about 5 inches at a time) and painted over the stitching.  Afterwards, I took a damp paper towel and wiped over the area I had just painted.  It removed all the white color except for inside the quilted bits.  After trying MANY things, I was very happy with these results.

As always, I appreciate each one of you that visits and comments on my little blog!  I hope you find the information I bring to you helpful!!


  1. looks like real shoes!! Bravo!

  2. This cake is fantastic! My friend would love this, as he has several pairs of Chuck Taylors himself.

  3. Awesome! They look so real and I love the white stitching!

  4. You have always been such an inspiration! I love these :)


  5. Great job on the cake. It's wonderful! I thought it is a pair of shoe.


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