Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Garden Rose Wedding with West Point Grooms

I delivered this bride and groom combo to Lindsay Street Hall a few weeks ago.  It is such a beautiful venue, and these cakes fit in just fine.

The bride wanted a very simple, elegant buttercream cake, with no borders.  Getting that nice crisp edge without any borders may have been the hardest part of this cake!  She also wanted roses, but she wanted to incorporate the green color she was using in her wedding.  I bought some of the Garden Rose Collection roses from CalJava.  I think these are some of the prettiest roses I have gotten.  I dusested them with a small hint of green, which really gave them an antique china look.  That and a few green leaves pulled in her colors nicely.

Lastly, I thought it needed a woodsy element, but I didn't have any curly willow, so I made my own!  I took 3 pieces of wire, wrapped with floral tape, and then coated in chocolate.  It made a nice "twig" and saved me a trip to the store!

Our groom's cake was for a graduate of West Point Academy.  Here we relied heavily on edible images, but I initially thought I was going to make the crest 3D.  Sometimes things just work out that way!

I used fondant in a chocolate mold to make the eagles and then painted them gold with luster dust.  I then used my extruder to make a red and blue border in keeping with the patriotic theme.

Lastly... are any of you members at CakesDecor.com?  It's a very nice place where cake decorators can come together to share cakes, ideas, and information.  I have been visiting there for a couple of months now.  It's a great resource and everyone there maintains a very positive attitude.  Well they interviewed me last week and they'll be featuring it on Thursday.  So stop by on Thursday and check it out!


  1. I know I say this all the time, but your buttercream talent is so divine. It's just perfect! And you are right, the roses does have the antique china look.

  2. Like Juanita, I am always telling you how much I love your buttercream work, so so clean. This is a beautiful cake

  3. where did you get the edible image for the west point crest?


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