Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Magic Jack Birthday Cake

I have a big confession to make here... Pinterest is killing my creativity!  Every minute I'm being fed all these wonderful ideas, and it's just too hard not to swipe some of them.  I saw this magic hat cake pinned on Pinterest and found out it was made by CC user nonilm (and she was inspired by others).  A few days later my friend Tammy called and wanted a magic themed birthday cake for her son Jack.

It's such a cute design!  I showed it to Tammy and she loved it!!  And Tammy even came over to help me make it!  She got to roll out some fondant and cut out stars while I worked on the icing and stacking.  Part of this great design is it's simplicity - it's basically just a 2-tiered cake with an extra cake board on top to  make the brim of the hat.  The bunny and magic scarves just sit on top of that top cake board.

I must admit that I really wanted to make the "JACK" letters from modeling chocolate, but I ran out of time here and had to resort to printing them out on an edible image.  I still think they turned out cute though!

Here's another shot of the cake, a better closeup of that cute little bunny face!  We printed out a few playing cards and since Jack was turning four they all had to be the 4 of hearts!

Thank you all so much for stopping by and looking in on my adventures in the cake world.  See you next time!!


  1. What a fabulous cake! I love how you used color in this cake - just the right amount in the right areas!

  2. This cake is so cute, and it looks so real!!!
    LoL, it is real.


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