Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Art Deco Wedding Cake

We delivered this wedding cake to the Hunter Museum in Chattanooga Tennessee this weekend.  I had such a great time making this cake.  This is certainly not your typical wedding cake, but the couple really wanted a colorful art deco cake.

I had not done an art deco cake before, and I really wasn't super familiar with the style, so I hit up Pinterest and starting doing some research. When I met with the bride, she immediately fell in love with a cake I found on CakeWrecks that was similar to this one.  (Baker Unknown).  We did change things up quite a bit though, and the bride had these koi fish that she wanted to incorporate into the cake.

The cake was covered in butter cream, and all decorations were made from modeling chocolate.  Well, except for the koi fish; they were printed on edible image paper.

Is this art deco style a trend now?  Have any of you bakers done any art deco cakes lately?

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  1. What amazingly clean lines - stunning! I haven't had any requests for art deco, but would love to!!

  2. Jen this cake is absolutely gorgeous, so well executed as usual!

  3. I think the baker is Sugar Art by Tami - linked just below the picture in the article you posted. I like the inspiration cake, but I LOVE yours! Great job!

  4. This is stunning! Would love some tips about working with modeling chocolate from you =D.

  5. Every single cake you make is perfect! I just love this style!

  6. Very cool! I particularly like the stacked triangles. Iconic Art Deco styling there!


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