Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Easy Cake Finishes

Oreo, yum!  You know the easiest way to finish a cake?  Smush and smash something yummy all over it!   Oreo's,  chopped nuts, sprinkles, shaved chocolate, coconut or sanding sugar are excellent choices for covering cakes.  When I worked in a production kitchen environment I was shocked to learn how much faster it was to cover the sides of a cake and just add some rosettes on the top.  If you only want to cover the sides, you have to be a little brave and hold the cake that is on a cake board over a sheet pan and start taking handfuls of your yummy side finishing material and press it into the cake.  You want the cake to be chilled so that it doesn't yield too much to your hands pressure or slide around but you need a light fresh coat of icing so there is something sticky to grab your finishing material.  If you want to cover the whole cake, you can put your turntable inside a sheet pans and follow the same instructions above, just start with the top first.  I hope you will try this technique and really impress your friends with a look that is secretly super easy!  Happy decorating!

Pearl Dragee FinishSanding Sugar Finish

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