Friday, October 22, 2010

Daisy Turns 100!!

How many times does a baker get to do a cake for someone celebrating their centennial birthday?  Recently, Daisy turned one-hundred and I was asked to do her cake(s).

I was given quite a bit of leeway on this one.  I was told that Daisy loved flowers and gardening, but that the cake should be simple.  Daisy also wanted her children represented on the cake.

With those instructions, I decided make 3 smaller cakes (they were going to be picked up) shaped as the number 100!  I then decorated the cake with gumpaste daisies.  We molded ladybugs to represent each of Daisy's children.  I think Daisy was very pleased with her cake - I hope we get the chance to do her 101st birthday cake too!


  1. incredible age! the cake is perfect for this granny

  2. I love the cake! It's so bright and cheery for such a wonderful occasion! The daisies and ladybugs are perfect!

  3. WOW!!! Such a pretty cake! I love that yello!

  4. This is wonderful! Love your take on using the plaques instead of cutting out the zeros. Thanks for sharing!


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