Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Chattanooga Competition Cake Teaser

OK, so I am SO not ready for this week!  This is the queen mother of busy weeks for me!  A bridal show on Sunday, a large tasting at the Chattanoogan on Thursday, and then our Duff Goldman competition cake during the show on Sunday.  It's enough to make a girl pull her freshly colored hair right out!

So what's getting pushed to the side?  I suppose it will be the blog... but I did want to post something though.  I really wanted to show you my progress on the competition cake, but...

I found out recently at a wedding professionals meeting that a lot of the local bakers (my competitors and competition for the show) also read my blog.  I certainly don't mind, but since I don't want to give too much away, I suppose you'll all just have to live with this tiny slice of a teaser photo!

OK, so I really have to go now... SO much to do!  Toodles!!


  1. Have a great week! Good luck with the competition - you will do fabulous!

  2. Good luck with EVERYTHING.... remember Just Breathe!

  3. Thank you guys! I have been telling myself all week "Breathe In... Breathe Out". Right now I am just slightly off-schedule but making good progress.

  4. So excited for you!! Good luck in the competition, your going to do GREAT!! remember to have some fun too.


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