Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Nebraska Huskers Grooms Cake

Neither I nor Chad have ever been big sports fans, so when we gets sports cake requests, sometimes we have no idea who the team in question actually is.  I'm still not exactly sure if this is a football or basketball team!  LOL!

But we had a great time making this logo cake nonetheless!  I put Chaddy to task making a cut file for the Cricut from their logo.  He worked his computer magic and imported all the pieces into SCAL. 

I have talked about how I like using the Cricut Cake to do logos before.  Even though their basically still a flat decoration, the layering gives some measure of dimension to the cake.  I thought the angle of the picture above really shows the layering effect nicely.

Have a great week!  Who's planning on getting up early to see the Royal Wedding on Friday?  I know I am!


  1. I really need to get one of those. So clean!

  2. As BellaLovePink said, so clean. Love it!

    I will be glad when the wedding is over(don't plan on watching it, frankly I'm tired of hearing about it.

  3. I am ot a sports fan also, in fact I do not likes sports at all.The cake looks wonderful. I have a Cri Cut but have no clue how to make logos with it, what about a hint in a future post? it would awesome.
    Thank you so much for asking for my health, I am hanging in there, sometimes I feel good and sometimes I feel like I am going to pass out. The joys of getting old and pregnant ;)

  4. Oh man! you have a Cricut Cake? I've only dreamed of having one...However I do have the regular Cricut for my paper crafts. The cake looks so amazing! Clean and professional looking! Great job!

  5. Oh wow that is awesome. My boyfriend loves that cake and said when we do get married he'd love that cake for his groom cake :D


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