Friday, September 23, 2011

Updated Bow Wedding Cake

You might have seen this cake before... almost!  I made a cake just like this a year or so ago as a dummy cake.  The only difference was that the bows were shaped a little differently, and pink.  At my last bridal show I accidentally dropped it, and it completely cracked an entire side of the cake.  I found the nearest trash can and gave it a proper burial.

Fast forward a few months and I meet with a bride that wants that exact cake, only in her colors.  Good thing I had taken a picture, I guess!

There's nothing technically difficult about this cake, but it did turn out very elegantly.  A couple of years ago I was taking a class with Mike McCarey and we were asking him about all the crazy cakes he did and how we wished we could get out clientele to not only ask for such crazy cakes, but to be willing to pay for them as well.  He thought for a few minutes and replied "Don't get me wrong, I do some crazy cakes, but swiss dots are my bread and butter.  Swiss dots are what pay the bills."

I think it's a good point - I would love to feature outrageous cakes here every week, but I just don't get those kinds of orders, or have that level of clientele (just yet). But a cake doesn't have to be completely unique or super difficult to be beautiful!

Have a great weekend!!


  1. I think you make an excellent point! This cake is stunning! And it might not have a crazy design, but as someone who is trying to learn how to make cakes like this, it's amazing. I know that it takes serious talent to make such clean, perfectly shaped and smooth cakes with flawless piping.

  2. The cake is incredibly beautiful! You also did a great job with the background it matches perfectly! I just love how each tier has its own personality yet have the same theme & elegance.


  3. It's beautiful! An elegantly done, clean cake of any design is something to admire!


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