Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Park's monkey cake

1st birthdays and monkeys seem to go so well together! We got this little design from a napkin on a party ware website that the mommy used. It was cute and I am happy with it. Especially since we made a yellow cake, that way the buttercream won't turn any one's mouth and teeth blue! Plus dark blue icing just tastes funny! Blue fondant doesn't do any of the above, so sometimes I do think practical! I don't want mommy's upset with me for getting all their carpets ruined!


  1. Loved the cake - you will have to check out our blog to see the way Park loved it to! LOL... Thanks so much - I'm pretty sure you will be getting some business from our party-goers, they all raved about it.

    Thanks Alot - Misty


  2. YEAH! I'm so glad..he he he Cakes are only used for good!


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