Thursday, May 14, 2009

Silly Monkey Heads!!

I just LOVE doing a baby's first birthday cake! Besides wedding cakes and maybe sweet 16 / Quincenara cakes, they can be some of the biggest and elaborate cakes I do. Your very first birthday cake is a big thing and it should be special. This week I am making a cake for a one-year and my inspiration piece is the party plats, which have the cutest little monkey head on them. I wanted them to be really special. I used some wax paper to make a template and then rolled out my fondant to start making the heads. Thanks to my dear hubby, you get treated to a shot of me in action.

Still a lot of cakes to finish before I call it a week, but I'm done for the night. Here's a parting shot of the finished "smash" cake. Oh, I can't bear to think about this little guy actually getting smashed! Maybe the family will just get it bronzed?


  1. Great cakes!! I like your blog a lot.

  2. AWWW! I need one for my daughter's 2nd birhtday in September. Wanna drive to Illinois? hee hee

  3. Can't drive to IL but I'll walk you through it!

    Thanks Pink little cake!

  4. How did you do these? This is my son's first birthday theme and I'd love to put these little monkey heads on his cake.


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