Friday, May 15, 2009

Sneeky Grooms

It's not midnight and I'm done! Yeah! Partly because we worked until 11pm last night, but that's ok! I'm really happy with what I made this week and hope everyone else is too! I had one pick up today that was a small anniversary cake that a groom (is he still that after a year?) is surprising his wife with tomorrow. The logo was printed on edible image and pasted (with buttercream) onto fondant then cut out. If you don't put them on a white background, the colored icing seeps through and it looks really bad. The "slime" is just a little piping gel with one drop of green coloring. It's a very simple cake, I know. Check out the original grooms cake on the website. They really were looking forward to the dark chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream they ordered for their reception, but didn't get one bite! It was a ghost busters cake and to my surprise he has the topper as a screen saver on his iphone! Anyway, I hope she is surprised and eats her weight in chocolate cake as she doesn't have to worry about fitting in a dress this time! The other sneaky groom is getting married tomorrow but his bride's birthday is today. So her got her a surprise cake for the rehearsal dinner tonight. I hope she isn't tired of my cake by the end of the weekend. I made a dark chocolate cake with a raspberry swirl in it, raspberry buttercream and dark chocolate ganache on the outside. The butterflies were easy and quick. Just add a little tylose to your fondant so they dry harder and keep there flying motion. I'll blog about the other cakes soon! I can't give you all the goody at one time!

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