Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Smash, Smush or Baby Cake?

Chaddy and I don't have kids (except furry ones!), so it was perplexing to me the first time someone ordered a small cake just for the one year old.  My mom just cut me a slice and that's all the mess I was allowed to make, but times have changed.  People call these baby cakes all kinds of names but the most popular is smash or smush cake.  I guess it's named after it's purpose in life.  (So why aren't the rest of my cakes called eating cakes or devouring cakes?) I get some of the greatest pictures back from my customers and they always make me smile.  This one is of little Jack and the photo was taken by Houston Photography.  I just love the simple but eye catching balloons in the background, not to mention that adorable baby!
If you're looking to make cakes for a living, don't be surprised when you make one cake for a photo session several weeks ahead of the actual party.  The pictures make a great invitation to the big party!  I try really hard to make these cakes mostly buttercream because the fondant covered ones are just not as fun for the pictures.  Also, keep in mind any toothpicks or wire you may normally use in keeping say a fondant monkey together cannot be used for these cakes.  That would not make for a happy baby! More and more customers are asking for smash cakes or just a "personal" cake for older kids.  Sometimes it's to give them their favorite flavor or just to make their birthday more special.  Why didn't my Mommy do that?  I'd love to hear from you guys what your friends and customers are calling these baby cakes! 


  1. I call it a smash cake, but didn't know I should until the internet told me.


  2. I call it a smash cake too. My daughter turned one in June and we had a small ladybug smash cake! At first I thought it would be too much, but she totally tore into it. It made for great pictures!

  3. I call it a smash cake, both of my kids had their own for their first birthdays. I could let them "go at it" without messing up the cake that everyone else would like to eat.

  4. Smash cakes, but now I'm thinking of calling them something else because I've had people order plain chocolate cakes, that you actually smash lol with a chocolate hammer. Party favor type thing, with candy inside. Anyway, I have thought about adding them to my menu, I know I've seen them done before, I'm wondering if this would be considered a copyright infringement? Anytime I use inspiration from another cake I make changes, give credit, and ask permission if it's a Cake Central/Decor member. I love your blog and your cakes :)


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