Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Smokey the Dog Vols Cake

Before we begin today's post, I just wanted to say "Thanks!" to Kathia over at the Pink Little Cake Blog.  A couple of weeks ago she asked me if I would be willing to participate in her "28 Days of Sweet Halloween Ideas" series.  I was so flattered that she asked me to guest blog on her site. Please visit her site and take a look at my post.  I really went all out and even used some of the food styling tips I learned at the Food Blog Forum!!

OK, now where were we?  Oh yeah!  This weekend I did my first dog cake!  I spent way too much time on it and if I do it again, I will not make the same mistakes I made this time!

I will tell you one thing - I am now in love with Fondarific!!  I have used it in the past to cover small cakes, but nothing as complicated as a carved dog.  I found that I could roll it thinner than regular fondant, which is nice.  It was super stretchy, resisted tearing, tasted great, and didn't get the first wrinkle!  When I really got to checking, it's not even that much more than the fondant I normally use!  I sat down last night and ordered a boatload of the stuff!!

As far as how this bad boy is put together,  there's 80 eggs worth of eggs in the marble pound cake that makes up the body and neck on this guy (he's on a 36 inch board).  The support system was really just a PVC pipe running from the board up through the neck and then a cake board that held on the styrofoam head. Oh yeah, the tail, legs, and feet are all made of crispy rice treats.

I have already heard back from the wedding planner and some of the wedding party... old Smokey was a big hit at the wedding!!


  1. Jen, I am the one who has to thank you. Your post was awesome. I love your dog cake, this past weekend I went to NY to take a carve cake class and I also made a dog, it is a yorkie puppy. I really want to get my hands on Fondarific also, I use satin ice but I have heard really good things about Fondarific that is making me want to buy some.

  2. Wow Jen!!! Smokey looks fantastic!!!

  3. WOW This is one fabulous dog!! Smokey looks awesome!! I wish i could get my hands on fondarific..but it's only satin ice and bakels here. :(

  4. I ordered my Fondarific from Global Sugar Art. Also, if you have a Michaels craft store, use a coupon and try some of the new Duff fondant. It seems very similar to Fondarific.


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