Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wizard of Oz Birthday Cake

Here's another cake from the way-back machine!  I did this cake a couple of years ago for little Maddy's birthday.  Maddy was a big Wizard of Oz fan and she loved all the girl characters - Glenda the Good Witch, the Wicked Witch, and Dorothy of course!

So, the task became how to integrate the spirit of all those characters, but keep it simple and economical for Maddy's Mom!

I used a chocolate mold to make Dorothy's Ruby slippers and coated them with a generous dusting of my edible red disco glitter.  I then designed 2 tiers, a good witch tier and a bad witch tier.  The "good witch" tier is all nice and pink, with Glenda's magic wand.

The "bad witch" tier features a witch's hat and broom stick with the evil witch's stripey stockings sticking out from underneath.

I finished the whole thing off with a sash that reads "Are you a Good Witch... or are you a Bad Witch?"

Have a wonderful week!!!


  1. Oh this is darling! wish we would have met at the the food blog forum but maybe the next one. I used to decorate cakes but not as well as yours. Great job and lovely site.


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