Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Neyland Stadium Vols Cake, Revisited

I have done a Neyland Stadium groom's cake before, but this one is my best to date (until the next one - LOL).

This time around, my brother (the master woodworker) was visiting and watching me very intently.  Before long I could tell he was itching to play in some edible material.  I had a few sheets of white modeling chocolate rolled out, so I had him to glove up and start cutting out my templates.  He's a dog-gone natural I tell ya!!

The weirdest coincidence?  Both of my Neyland Stadium cakes have went to the same place!  The Loose Cannon Art Gallery!  Must be a great place for Vols fans to get married!!


  1. This is flipping awesome!!!!! You so rock... and hard!

  2. Awesome! Looks like you and your bro should be in business together!

  3. Thanks for all the wonderful comments! @SweetThings - I KNOW! I keep trying to pull him into my world; why must he be SO resistant!?!

  4. Again, one of my favorites!!! GO VOLS!!!!

  5. What a great cake - would you mind my asking what the dimensions of the cake are and what size cakes you baked for it? My 6 year old wants a cake just like this!!

    1. Hi Anon! This was almost 2 years ago, so I don't exactly remember the size, but this cake was over 100 servings. I'm sure that your son will love whatever you make for him!


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