Friday, May 27, 2011

Rhinestone Bling Wedding Cake

We had such a great time making this cake!  The bride wanted it extra blingy... blingier than I could possibly do by making sugar gems.  The brooches on the bows were given to me by the bride.

So I went over to Bead and Trim and found the prettiest rhinestone chain.  It was so sparkly and looked so real I wanted to make jewelry out of it (and may still!).

This bride also wanted varying tiers, which I just love doing; so they got a couple of squatty tiers and one double height tier.  The whole thing is covered in fondant, with fondant bows and a fondant ribbon border.  Two tiers were quilted while the other 3 had random pearls of varying sizes.

Here's a Closeup of that blingy rhinestone border:

As luck would have it, when I was ordering from Bead and Trim, they mentioned that they were having a contest over at their Facebook page.  They are looking for any project that uses one of their products, but especially in a unique way.  I submitted the cake as an entry; it doesn't get much more unique!  If you feel so inclined, I would sure appreciate your "Likes" and comments on my entry.  You can find it here:


  1. Beautiful cake & using a rhinestone chain as a border is in fact very unique, Im sure the bride loved the cake & good luck with the contest (liked)

  2. I never thought I was one for black and white cakes, but this is absolutely beautiful. And I love the bling! I'm going over to "LIKE" right now!!

  3. What a gorgeous cake. I am loving all these varying tiers I am seeing lately on cakes. They make the cakes look so much more interesting.

  4. So lovely - the varying tiers are perfect!

  5. Wow! This wedding cake is awesome. I love it! The color combination is really perfect. I love the ribbons around it!


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