Friday, June 24, 2011

Cookie Jar Groom's Cake

I have always said that if you want a great cake, call a good baker, set a price, give them a theme, and tell them to do whatever they want!

I met with this couple and they settled on a bridal cake, but the groom's cake was up in the air.  The groom was in the military, but he didn't want a military cake.  We came up with several ideas, but all went by the wayside.  The groom eventually said that he just didn't want a groom's cake, but the bride really wanted him to have something special.  With only a week to go before the wedding, the bride called with one final idea.  The groom's favorite food was chocolate chip cookies.  She wanted to know if I would do one big chocolate chip cookie cake.  That was far too close to sheet cake territory for me.  I asked her if I could take this chocolate chip cookie theme and run with it.  I told her she would get a better cake for the same price we had contracted for previously.  She trusted me enough to say Yes.

So I sculpted a cookie jar cake, covered it in buttercream and made some "COOKIES" lettering with the Cricut Cake.  The lid was made from rice crispy treats.  It looked great, but the cake was lemon (their choice), so the groom still wasn't getting his chocolate chip cookies.  So I whipped up a couple of batches of chocolate chip cookies so they could be coming from the top of the cake.  Here's what whole thing looked like put together at the venue.

Afterwards, I received a very sweet note from the bride via Facebook.  Here's what she said:

Jen... Seriously?! The cakes were AMAZING!! The groom's cake was a HUGE hit!!! So adorable! EVERYONE LOVED IT!!


  1. I really really love this cake. I love how you did it in buttercream and it has that sort of ceramic look. Did you air brush the buttercream or color it beforehand? As usual terrific work.
    Oh and I do not care what all the complainers are saying about cricut cake. I am in love with it for letters and stuff, saves loads of time from doing it by hand. Do they let you use it for making stuff before competitions so curious about how that world feels about it?

  2. @Gina B - Thanks! I colored the buttercream beforehand. I love my Cricut too! I use it almost every week... it is great for logos and letters. I have seen bakers use them to cut stuff on the fly in TV challenges, not sure of the "rules" about cutting beforehand.

    Every aspect of it.


  4. Outstanding. Never seen one like it before!

  5. Hello Jenniffer! I'm a new food blogger! :) Please follow me and I'll follow you too! :)

  6. Wow! That's buttercream?? Amazing - and a really great design too!


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