Friday, June 17, 2011

Wedding Couple on the Ledge

A few weeks back, I delivered this 5 tiered buttercream tower to the Dalton Freight Depot.

The couple were using purple and orange as their wedding colors and wanted them represented on the cake.  I used my ribbon cutters and placed the 2 bands of fondant.  It was what we discussed and what I drew out in the wedding consultation, but once the cake was done I thought it detracted from the cake just a little.  It's still a pretty cake, but I think the color bands make it look a little "less-weddingy".

There are times when the actual cake just doesn't work out looking at great as it did when I sketched it on paper.  It always puts me in a pickle - do I do what looks/works best, or do I give the couple what they contractually agreed to?  Contract wins out 99% of time.  The other 1% I consult the bride and explain my dilemma and ask for permission.  It doesn't happen very often, but try to be mentally prepared when it does! ; )

I'm always fond of the whimsical scroll pattern, but I was overwhelmed from cute overload by the bride and groom ledge sitters.  They were just so cute!  A word of caution though - these ledge sitters can get pretty heavy so make sure you provide some support underneath them.  A few straws will do the trick.

Speaking of cake supports, in the past I have used skewers, wooden dowels, plastic columns, drinking straws, and have just started using bubble tea straws.  Drinking straws were my favorite, but I am liking these new bubble tea straws I just got in.  What do you use for cake supports?


  1. Once again a very elegant cake.Totally love the couple.

  2. oh forgot to write.I have used wooden "gril sticks" But I havent made multi tired cake as you. Only in small scales.

  3. Such a beautiful cake! I love the scroll work (it was on my wedding cake:) I use wooden dowels. I've been warned against straws because they can bend. I had used them before but now I'm too nervous to ever use again.

  4. I like to use straws since I can cut them a lot easier than wooden dowels. I'm a bit of a weakling!

  5. Beautiful buttercream cake and whimsical scroll pattern .For cake support I use wooden dowels or plastic columns, it depends in what kind of cake I am making. I have never heard of bubble tea straws .
    Have a great weekend.

  6. yep, the color ribbons are no good. what can you do?

  7. This beautiful!!! And I have only used the wooden dowels, they are hard to cut and I keep telling myself to get the straws and use them, maybe next!!

  8. I use bubble tea straws for each individual tier and the standard wooden dowel as the center dowel through the cake. The bubble tea straws work like a charm, are stronger than regular straws and are just as easy to cut.


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