Friday, June 3, 2011

The Ranunculus Weddng Cake

This year I have had a real obsession with the flowers on this wedding cake.  They're called ranunculus, and they are part of the buttercup family.  I like to think of them as buttercup's fancy cousin!  Chaddy just calls them "redonkulous"... he's the redonkulous one!

They are perfect for wedding cakes because like roses, they come in a multitude of colors and sizes.  Spray them with almost any hue and they're still basically botanically correct.

In this case, our bride wanted a very tone-on-tone look, so we left them a basic butter cream white.  I cascaded them down the front of the cake in a very artsy way, grouping large and small flowers together in clusters.

We delivered this cake to The Mill of Chattanooga and this was actually a Friday wedding - my first Friday wedding in fact!

A lot of venues in my area are offering weekday wedding packages at a great deal to the bride.  Are you seeing more weekday weddings in your area?


  1. My husband calls them redonkulous too!!! So funny. Absolutely gorgeous, as always. I am still in awe of your perfect buttercream - amazing!

  2. Those are gorgeous..and thank you for teaching me something..I never knew what they were called!


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