Friday, February 24, 2012

A Belated Christmas Gift!

I have several nieces and nephews, but there's only one school-aged niece in the family.  Kaitie's still a tween, and she still thinks I'm sorta cool.  The bad news is that her family lives in Oregon so I don't get to see them a lot.  But when I do, she always wants to see her Auntie Jen and make cakes! So for Christmas, I put together a cake decorating kit with some basic tools, some fondant, some cutters and other stuff and I sent it to her.  She was very tickled with it, but then I get the following pictures in my Inbox this week and I was SO thrilled!

Using the food markers on her leaves

Didn't her leaves turn out great?

The finished product!  Kaitie did excellent!!
 I enjoy passing down any cake wisdom I can, but it's especially fun when it's children (and family)! Have a great weekend!!

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