Tuesday, February 14, 2012

New Wedding Cake at the Chattanoogan

 HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!  I hope today finds you something sweet!

I was contacted not to long ago by the fine folks at The Chattanoogan.  They have an area of their consultation room that in front of a huge window that faces the street.  They were asking some of their favorite vendors to dress the window to showcase some spring wedding trends.  We sent a few e-mails and we finally settled on a turquoise and cream theme.

Since the cake is going to be in front of a window for a few months, I have to be careful not to add a lot of color to the fondant.  Some colors will fade right out with extended exposure to sunlight.  Cream fondant was a great choice for the dummy cake.

I used some white royal icing to stencil some swags and used a few molds to make some accessories for the cake.  I have worked with color long enough to know that there re several different shades of white, cream, and certainly turquoise.  So I bought a few different shades of turquoise and brought them with me.  Sure enough, I wound up changing it when I got to the venue, but the other ribbon looked so much better!  And best of all, worst case scenario?  Come fall I can replace that ribbon out for an orange or brown one and keep right on using it.

The styrofoam used in the dummy cakes aren't super cheap and they are time consuming to make, so why not get all the mileage you can out of them!?!?!

5 hrs - removal bel ribbon to get exct color - work w oth vendor turq & crm tried flowrs no place


  1. What a stunning design! I really love the colour of the ribbon - my mum's outfit at my wedding was a very similar colour. Did you stack several dummies to make the really tall tiers?

  2. This cake is beautiful as all the other cakes you make. A great idea to make it in a light share since it will be display in a window.I love the molds that you use.

  3. Wow! This wedding cake is really elegant. I like it! I love the color combinations of it! Thumbs up!


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