Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Once Upon a Time

Upon upon a time, and I do mean a LONG time ago, I got an order from a client that wanted a castle cake.  She was on a very limited budget, so she decided on a castle shaped sheet cake.

Now granted, my little business was still very new, and I wasn't as experienced as I am now, but I also didn't have any other orders that week.  So I worked extra hard on her cake, and even had my friend Rita help me with it.  It's certainly not perfect, but at the time it was probably the most difficult cake I had ever made.

And then the big day came; pick-up day.  The customer came in and we basically unveiled it like it was a new line of shoes!  And she said "Hmmm... that's nice".  What - nice?!?  I charged you for a basic sheet cake and I gave you this 3D castle cake!  That's got to be better than "Hmmm..." right?

I was SO crushed, but I still give clients a little extra from time to time.  You just have to realize that not every customer will be wowed by your work, even when you've given them way more cake than what they were expecting.  To us it's our livelihood, the outlet for our artistic passions, but to some it's just a birthday cake.

Have a great week!


  1. I would be totally crushed too! When I get the opportunity, I love to do extra for clients. I get even more excited to see their reaction! I am so thankful we internet to share our creativity, thoughts and cake!

  2. I did that once too. Customer wanted a sheet cake with a Baseball jersey on it. I made a large 2D sculpted jersey...When I delivered the cake there was no mention of the fact that she only ordered a sheet cake and this was so much more/nicer. It was like she didn't even notice? I was kind kind of bummed...

  3. That's so pretty. I'm sure you made some little girl's day, even if you didn't get the appreciation you expected.

  4. Let me tell you, people are so ungrateful sometimes. Not only this cake looks adorable for a little girl, but you did almost for free. A carve custom cake is very time consuming,meaning expensive. I have made castle cakes before, just making the roof takes hours of work.
    Even if the mom wasn't very excited about, I am sure the little girl love it.


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