Sunday, July 19, 2009

Tennis Cake, Anyone?

This week is finally over and Thank Goodness!! I had a couple of weddings on Saturday and even one for today. This tennis racquet cake was one of them. I'm always so excited when a couple can step outside of tradition and really go all-in for a cake that REALLY showcases their interests and personalities. I made the racquet full size (using a real tennis racquet and some butcher paper to make a template. The handle was made from crispy rice treats; I have done 2 racquet cakes previously and used cake for the handle. The cake is so high and so thin that it wants to sway a little. The rice treats work SO much better. For the strings, I used a clay gun to extrude small fondant ropes. I had to mix in a little Sweetex to give me extra working time, but it was worth it. I needed the extra working time so I could weave the fondant ropes for a more realisitic look.

The tennis balls were made larger than real size and are all fondant covered cake. I sprayed the balls with a new product I got called pearl sheen and I just loved the look. I ordered more of it tonight. I used a small fondant covered Styrofoam riser so that one of the tennis balls would set a little higher. I hope you enjoy the cake and I hope everyone has a great week!


  1. I can't believe that's cake! Great job!

  2. 4got 2 mention - u've done a gr8 job on the weaving .It looks flawless .

  3. Amazing!

    Raychel -

  4. Wow! I have a "tennis" groom's cake coming up in August, thanks for the tips!!!

  5. Thanks for all the great feedback. I wish I could have made it thin, like the real depth of a racquet, but then 1/2 the people would not have got to eat cake! We were going to do more side detail, but again because of the height, it would have looked "funny". Thanks again for all your sweet words!


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