Friday, February 26, 2010

Gimme a "C" !

Sometimes you can do everything JUST right and still mess up, right?  Take Caroline's birthday cake for example.  Sweet Caroline is a cheerleader for the Jackets, so she wanted a cheerleading cake for her big day.

I got her mascot's logo, made little custom flags, and even printed out a birthday sash.   I sculpted a megaphone cake topper, made gumpaste star doomies, and put a cute harlequin pattern around the cake.

I even topped it all with a modeling chocolate 3.  But Caroline was FOUR!  Now her Mom noticed it right away, and I immediately made a replacement "4" out of some modeling chocolate, but it still left me feeling off my game a bit.  It certainly left me with a new resolve and commitment to read each order several times while working on the cake.


  1. Hey Jenn! Long time no comment! Your cakes just keep getting more and more awesome... Do I smell some TV challenge going your way???? Keep it up!

  2. Really cute! I'm always paranoid I'll do that, or get the name wrong. Hasnt happened yet, although I did put my apron on and get all my ingredients out for a cake that was a full month away! Thank goodness I double checked!

  3. Ah, never mind Caroline. The cake is SO fantastic that a little error like that can definitely be overlooked!! (I had a panic last week that I'd painted the wrong number on a cake, the client was due any minute but thankfully I'd got it right but I made the same commitment to check and re-check the order!!)

  4. Beautiful! Don't feel bad, you do amazing work!

  5. Looks great! Ahh, I bet you were so frustrated about that 4. Sounds like something I would do. I bet she loved it though!

  6. What a fun cake - a cheerleader of any age would love this. Don't worry about that 3.... I've totally done that before..... it was for a Christening, not the babies 1st birthday. I should've know by the photo she sent of her baby - but I didn't clue in until I delivered the cake. Good thing I had extra decorations all over the cake.

  7. That cake looks so great. We do not have cheerleaders here, but I belive if so this would be perfect.
    Don't feel bad about the 3 and 4.. It's just a lesson for us all to look back on the orders many times ;o)

  8. LOL I've done that exact same thing! Great cake though.


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