Friday, January 7, 2011

Eating Lite

Alcohol is not sounding very good for some people after New Year's Eve, but cake in the shape of alcohol, YUM!  I could lie and tell you that it's supposed to look like one of those new single serve soda cans, but honestly I just made the cake too chubby.  I was focused on how many I needed to feed and not the proportions (duh!)

For you guys looking to do cakes professionally, please know now that this is a very hard thing to balance.  You can't make a 3-D carved helmet cake to feed 10 people and you have to learn to tell people the facts. We don't have a shrink ray (maybe next Christmas)!  I used 5 8" round cake layers for this cake.  The blue is all buttercream as are the bubbles.  The spilled  beer is piping gel with a little copper color.

The logo was an edible image that I found, transferred into PowerPoint and enlarged it to the size I needed. The birthday letters, plaque the image is mounted on and lid are all Fondarific.  Honestly, this was a pretty easy cake and I don't say that much, so go get to making one!

Have a great weekend!


  1. This cake is amazing. Did you air brush the buttercream or you made it blue? Great job

  2. Very cool! I would love a Diet Pepsi one!! So creative!

  3. @Kathia - I just colored the icing blue to begin with on this cake.

    @Tiffanee - Yeah, me too... I'm not much of a beer drinker!

  4. This is fantastic. I love, love the buttercream. It's so smooth and the colour is .. . .so blue. Yay you on a brilliant cake. I also get asked to make a carved cake for 10 people quite a bit and the customers/clients/kids swimming lessons don't seem to appreciate that you have to sometimes bake big to carve down. Dead impressed. I'm in the process of doing a beer can and it's breaking my heart.


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