Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Notre Dame Groom's Cake

This past weekend, I delivered this groom's cake to The Chattanoogan Hotel.  This is the mascot of Notre Dame's Fighting Irish.  I don't know if this fella has a name, but he's far too cute to be mean, right?

I made the logo by taking a graphic from the web and converting to a Cricut Cut file using my Sure Cuts a Lot software.  I broke the logo into 4 parts: navy, yellow, green, and white.  For the navy layers, I cut the entire image, one big blue Irishman (about a foot high).  Then each of the colors got cut and placed on top of the navy layer, just  like a great big jigsaw puzzle.  It made it look like the navy was outlining all the other pieces.

This was by far my largest and most elaborate Cricut project to date.  If you're attempting something like this, my advise is to put all the pieces together and get them just like you want them and then go back and "glue" them down with piping gel or tylose.


  1. Great cake Jennifer, now you got me thinking about how to convert something to a Cricut Cut file using Sure Cuts a Lot software. I have never hear of it before.

  2. @Kathia - There's 2 programs that will do this... "Sure Cuts a Lot (SCAL)" and "Makes the Cut (MTC)". I have only used SCAL, but it's pretty easy to use (or so Chad says). If there's interest, I can try to bribe him into doing a tutorial! The program is only about $70 (cheaper than most cartridges) and it lets you cut ANY Windows font so if you only used it for cutting letters it is worth the price!

    1. Hi...I saw your Irish cake and my nephew wants a cake just like this. i own the Cricut Cake but not he SCAL or MTC. Do you know where I can get the $70.00 program? I thnk Cricut has changed their tune on the cutting programs...ugh!

    2. Hi golfergal! Unfortunately, Cricut did take action and you can't get those programs any more. You might find someone selling an old copy on EBay. If not, you can always enlarge a printed image and use it to manually cut the pieces with an Exacto knife. Good luck!


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