Friday, March 25, 2011

Beer Glass Grooms Cake

OMG!  I'm so glad it's Friday!!  Last weekend, I did a cake for a groom that loves Dogfish Head Beer.  We discussed carved bottles and beer steins, but the standard beer glass shape fit the couple's budget better.  The couple also wanted this to be fondant free... no problem!

We have several different methods for recreating logos, but anytime the logo is distressed (like this one) it makes it much harder.  For the Cricut, you almost have to edit out the distressing, but then you don't really get a super accurate logo.  For this cake, we decided to go use an edible image.

This cake is pretty tall, it was really 3 tiers, with 3 layer cakes making up each tier.  I wasn't exactly sure if this particular beer "foamed", but I thought it made for a much nicer presentation.


  1. oh thank you jennifer! your comment was very much appreciated! Your blog is FAB !!!!! It is going strainght into my blogrool :) XXX


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