Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Monochromatic Wedding Cake

This wedding cake really grew on me the more I worked on it.  I have always been a fan of the tone-on-tone / monochromatic look, but at first I thought this cake might benefit from a splash or color.

But the more I worked on it, the better I liked it!  The dimensional flowers and leaves formed these awesome shadows that really added a lot of contrast to the cake.  When I was finished I stepped back and was really proud with how it came out.

I formed and sculpted all of the flowers and leaves from gumpaste and let them dry nice and hard.

Normally I would have used my trusty ribbon cutter to make all those vines, but the gumpaste I was working with was so tough that I was using the pasta machine to roll it nice and thin.  Out of curiosity I set it on one of the cutter settings and it cut nice long gumpaste "noodles" for me that worked out great!

Have a great week and stay out of the heat!


  1. Beautiful cake. Elegant & unique!

  2. Stunning! What type of gumpaste do you use that's so "tough"?

  3. very beautiful indeed. I dont think that it would have been so enchanting with a colour spalsh as is it now.

  4. It's so elegant and beautiful!

  5. This is so very lovely! I adore monochromatic cakes. Fantastic work!


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