Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A New Year to do New Things

I love the new year, but I don't make resolutions.  I usually have so many "goals" that there is no need for resolutions.  For so long most of our goals have been " Cup a Dee" goals and we've reached most of them, even the ones that involved "doing less". Every year I do taxes and that brings a whole other set of goals (saving, finding better sources, keeping records quarterly instead of waiting until the end of the year).  There is so much to be grateful for that I hate to admit that we are a little burnt out.  I'm not excited when the phone rings and I'm bored with my cakes.  Chad has to redo the entire website to reflect our new business route (only wedding/groom's cakes).  But love his big heart, he isn't "excited" about all that work anymore than I'm jumping on those naked cake dummies that need to be beautiful display cakes.  I don't want to stop doing cakes, but I do want to stop doing the same cakes.  The weekly routine of diamond patterns/scrolls/monograms/dots is going to stop.  New and often hard designs puts energy in our "tank" better than money ever can.   It isn't that I don't try to get brides to do something new or different.  I have an inspiration book with other bakers cakes that I show the brides.  I have two full pages of "The Caketress", whom I adore, but not once in twelve months has a bride asked for any parts of her cakes.

So I'm going to do the following and see how it goes (which you will be able to tell because the kinds of cakes that we post).  I am going to go through all my cake inspiration photos, my book and website, and remove anything that I don't want to make again.  I'm going to make new cake displays in the fashion of what can be done, not was has been done.   Some maybe similar to another cake artist, but what is hot in the big city has not found it's way to Chattanooga, TN.  I have also found these great posts/blogs that are helping to pump me up!

Erica OBrien is in a little bit of the same boat, but it may be a little easier when you are as AWESOME as she is!

SugarZen Blog.  Ruth Rickey is such an experienced cake business person and teacher and I love how she speaks to us so frankly and wisely!

I would LOVE to hear your suggestions of what you do to cake-energize or think would help us do the same.  2013 is going to be great!


  1. Happy New Year Jennifer!! it is so wonderful to see you grow in your bussines and I am glad you are having new goals for this year.I heard you about people always selecting the same cake designs over and over, I see it with my own cakes. You are being inspired by the best and I am sure the new designs you are going to come up with are going to be fabulous! I can't wait to see them.

  2. Good luck in doing some new, unique designs. I think you will love your job even more when you get to do something that excites you.


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