Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Emerald, the Pantone Color of 2013!

I suppose they have a "color of the year" every year, but this time was the first I noticed it being mentioned everywhere.  EMERALD, so pretty, so dark, so beautiful and not so easy to color fondant in the right shade.  We are no dummies, we started with Satin Ice Green, but then added lots of "forest green" to get the color were we wanted it.  This cake is somewhat plain, but busy in the "texture" department.  I used a mold for the band borders because I'm tired of plain ribbon :(  The star of the show is clearly the bows.  I know bows are also getting old and tiresome, but I think this is a little different since it's on it's side.  The trick to this bow (a 50/50 mix) was to make the loops (three different sizes) and then before they get hard, start attaching them.  You have to have a little flexibility.

What colors have you been digging lately??


  1. Absolutely stunning and unique!

  2. I agree with Fiso, stunning, I love emerald color.

  3. Love the green and that bow!!!! Gorgeous cake! I'm digging all shades of purple lately. Anyone who give me creative freedom gets purple bows, purple swiss dots, purple borders....


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