Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Wraparound String Wedding Cake

Most bridal cake orders these days follow a certain formula. About six months or more from the wedding I get a contact email or call from the bride, a consultation, design and tasting, quote and contract, then finally delivery. This cake was very different. Two weeks ago, a MOB (mother of the bride) contacted me wanting to book a wedding cake. Book, not quote or meet. I booked it but didn't have any details other than servings and delivery date. I spent the following few days trying to pin them down to flavors or design. I got one picture of a floral centerpiece for inspiration. Out of desperation I sent three pictures of basic cakes. She just picked one! Done! It was a strange way to make a wedding cake. I found out the the bride and groom had already gotten married and didn't even want the reception. So that explained a lot!

As far as this cake, I can't say too much, can I?  It is super smooth buttercream, (yay me!) with some Fondarific bands. The first time I put the green bands on I used the smallest section on the ribbon cutter. It was still to thick and heavy. I went to my faithful Artway extruder. I used a small die and extruded the "snakes" onto a cookie sheet. I chilled for a few minutes and then applied them to a very cold cake. That way, when I didn't like the placement, it didn't tear up the cake. The cake matched the venue's decorations and it was clean and neat. It was kind of an easy paycheck, but I still felt "cheated" out of my experience with the bride. That's silly I know, but sometimes those experiences are the best part of the job!

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