Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Gold Dots and Instagram

Cup a Dee Cakes Making a gold dot & line cake #flipagram made with @flipagram

We make cakes for a living, but our part time job is social media.  It really does take up a lot of time for a small business owner and we certainly are not making the most of all the internet has to offer.  We have a very visual business, so we just joined Instagram!  More of our customers want to see pictures and not read lines of texts so we are trying to work on expanding our efforts toward that.

We made a very simple cake last week.  It was a 3 layer 6" and a 6 layer 9" combination in buttercream. We scored organic lines (another word for not perfect) and painted gold dots on the buttercream for the top tier.  We added some live baby's breath at the venue.  The fun part is that we took about 100 photos in process and used an app called flip a gram to make a little 15 second video for Instagram.  That s the longest video you can make for Instagram, lesson learned!  Please take a look and follow us! We need an audience if we are going to take that many pictures of a project!


  1. Always love your pictures and great video tutorials! I know a lot of time must go into them, and just wanted you to know they are appreciated!

    1. Wow, thanks SO much Amy! That's just what I needed this week!


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